Night Fires, being a Winter solstice play, strives with all its heart each year to weave a tale of journeying through darkness towards new light, of moving towards new or renewed visions of understanding and courage, and turns in the roads toward hope. Songs, poems, and prose texts from many lands and traditions come together to join the main text created by us in the show. Night Fires has always, from the beginning, told hard stories, inspired by those — people, animals, plants — who, in hard times, somehow manage to hold their integrity, stay true to their own natures, their own good souls and so carry hope and beauty on into the world. These past few years, perhaps due to the times, some of the stories we tell have been a bit closer to home. We invite you into our journey through the dark and on toward the light.

  • from the 2018 Night Fires program, by Marianne Lust